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Buying Something For Pride?

Pride Month is here!!! While I'm the first person to say that pride should be lived out all year long, there is no doubt there is something special about so many cities celebrating at the same time. If you or someone you know are participating in any of the festivities, you might be considering purchasing some fun swag. I've seen so many major retailers pushing messages filled with love and rainbows in hopes of increasing their bottom line and had a few thoughts that I wanted to share.

I love walking by storefronts and seeing Pride gear displayed boldly, it doesn't ever get old! It makes me feel seen and always makes my heart smile. However! Depending on the brand, it can also feel very gimmicky and I think it is really important to examine where we choose to spend our hard-earned gay-ass dollars. This article will give you some alternatives to the big names you might  see walking through the mall. I won’t go into detail about how many major retailers manufacture pride merchandise in countries where it is illegal to be gay, or how places like Target have used art by queer artists without giving them credit. You can do that fun research for yourself or read this great piece by Vox.

Below is a short list of Queer Owned and operated companies who would appreciate your business this Pride season. Many of which give a portion of sales back to the community, your dollars are not only supporting a local small business but they are also going towards things like providing resources to LGBTQ+ homeless youth, trans services, the Trevor Project, and other advocacy efforts.

Obviously I’m a little biased, as a store owner, of course I’d like you to spend your money with me. But! I genuinely love these brands and believe that a win for one of them is a win for me too. Pride, in it’s most pure essence is about standing alongside fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community and saying: “I have your back!” So, this Pride I would like to extend my deepest love and affection for the community and celebrate those pushing to create space for diversity. Thanks for reading and praying everyone has a special Pride season!

Royal Rainbow

Owned by a pair of goofy newly weds, based out of Los Angeles. We donate 10% of profits to FreedHearts and Q Christian Fellowship.

Pride Socks

When Royal Rainbow grows up, we hope to be a brand like Pride Socks. They offer a range of colorful socks as well as other apparel. They often partner with different organizations to raise money for worthy causes. The Owner, Rachel, exudes love and light.


Bianca’s Designs

The shop is run by Queer Latinx Artist, Bianca Negron. Her designs are fun and inclusive and she just finished an exciting collaboration with Netflix!

Point 5cc

Started by the inspiring Aydian Dowling, every purchase directly supports Point of Pride, a non-profit that provides an Annual Transgender Surgery Fund and chest binder and breast form donation programs.

Adam’s Nest

I love this shop because they remind me not to be such a prude! Aside from pushing the boundaries with their designs they also give regularly to GLADD and the Trevor Project among other charities. 



Flavnt Streetwear

This is a company with such a huge heart! They pick folks from a pool of applicants and then take on the task of helping to fundraise money for their gender affirming surgeries. They have helped lot of people feel better about the body they are in and we are so here for it! Check them out!



 Lucky Skivvies 

I love this shop for a couple reasons 1. They are QWOC owned and 2. The patterns on these genderless boxer briefs are super fun!


Lockwood 51

This shop is a Los Angeles local gem. I respect how unapologetically queer they are, with super edgy with creative designs.